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Tag: Data

Tag: Data

  • Create Kinesis Video Streams

    I would like to be able to build Kinesis Video Streams directly on the cameras we are leveraging
  • Get travel package

    I'm developing an app for which utilizes a number of travel APIs to find the best travel package for a very specific target group.
  • Get TikTok posts & profiles information

    GET Impressions, Reach, Interactions, Profile views, Profile clicks, Video views for a list of TikTok media

  • Get flights & hotels information

    I am building a Travel App and am looking for a free API to lookup Flight prices and possibly Hotel Accommodation and such.

  • Get job posts

    My task is to fetch jobs that are posted on the internet.

  • Long text summary – tl;dr

    I would like to give a text description in English of up to 500 words and get a title for the text as an output.

  • api find health care information

    need to find a public db or api of medical practitioners, doctors, medical facilities.

  • API that gives us application parameters

    I would like an API that I can submit an app ID (apple or android) and get parameters about the app – who the developer is, how many people downloaded it, what stores its available in, if it’s play protect or not etc.

  • Promo code management

    A service that creates unique promo codes, knows to expire them in the right time, can tell me if it’s been used, and contains the reward/discount information.

  • matched!

    Global nutrition database

    I’m looking for an API that will let me search for a food by name or via barcode and give me the full nutritional information for the food. It’s important that it’s not only for the US market. We are looking for a global solution.

  • Is Email on Spam Lists

    I want to give a domain, or list of domains, and get a list of non-anonymized Whois Details (name, phone, email, address of registrant). Because of GDPR, anonymized registrant details are far more prevalent, but snapshots/historical details are still out there. I want a solution that gives me only those details – no anonymized details.

  • Travel services providers

    Given a website in the travel tech industry I would like to understand what is the typical customer journey in that website and favorite categories

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