Creating a service in byvalue is free!

Your business, your rates

Select a price for 10,000 invocations of your service, either in cents or in dollars. Consumers of your service will be charged the price you stated. We charge by usage so even if your subscribers won’t use up the 10,000 invocation bundle they will be charge for exactly the number of invocations they’ve called.

Each subscriber will pay Byvalue once a month for each service (a month from subscribing to it) you get 90% as royalties and Byvalue gets 10% as commission.

No additional charges

We have removed the risk of unexpected infrastructure costs. Since we take care of the infrastructure for your services we decided that like electricity, water or rent, whoever uses the infrastructure should be the one to pay for it.

All infrastructure costs for calling your service will be charged on the consumers side and not you. All you need to do is to adjust the price for your service to hit the sweet spot for your customers.

When monetizing your own hosted API Byvalue will not charge for infrastructure as they are paid by you directly to your infrastructure provider.

Using your own service

When using a service you have created the only cost will be the infrastructure that your call had used (if monetizing your own hosted API this does not apply). Byvalue charges infrastructure usage by the second across all of the services.

The price you set won’t apply to you, as the creator. So we won’t make you pay yourself and take commission for that 🙂