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Only the best

For our infrastructure, database, payment processing and authentication, we settle for nothing but the best.
This is how Byvalue is built.

Proxy Servers

Backed up by the most advanced auto-scaling technology, EC2 by AWS,  our servers are capable of handling anything from single requests to billions per day.

We have virtually eliminated the overhead generated through our proxy server reducing any lag to a minimum. We achieved this by consolidating the, identification, authentication, metering and billing requirements to a single API call. This allows all communications between the API provider and the end-user to remain uninterrupted.


For processing payments Byvalue is partnered with Stripe and we utilize their subscription model to monitor, track and bill API usage. This allows us to measure and record the exact amount of API calls made by each user. We take care of invoicing your customers and processing their payments.

Once your subscribers are billed, we will credit your account according to their usage. We are partnered with PayPal which allows you to withdraw your earnings at any point.

Authentication & Security

We are partnered with Auth0 to handle logins, authentications and user registrations. Byvalue is committed to taking the strictest security measures to provide you with the highest levels of protection. We also utilize Amazon Web Services’s suite of security features to ensure that all server requests are validated and arrive from an authorized source.

API Specification

Byvalue aims to change how people work, while making it possible for anyone to make a living from their code and knowledge. With this in mind, we chose to adopt the leading standard for API documentation – Open API! We made this decision so both our creators and subscribers could speak the same language while making the most of utilizing our services. We are making creating a service, as well as consuming one, as easy and universal as possible.


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