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Tailor made toolbox for risk teams

Third-party APIs, data feeds and custom integrations for your risk, compliance and fraud scenarios.

#1 Place to get risk and fraud solutions by demand.

We provide top solutions that fit your use case.


Fraud and Risk research

Exactly what you need

Whether it exists or not, request the costum integration for 3rd party risk, fraud or compliance APIs that fully fit your need and we’ll get it for you.

Get things done

Instead of spending valuable resources and time on R&D and waiting for team availability, you now have the freedom to ask for anything you need and let the solutions come to you.

No-Code, No-Problem

For teams without dev team or case management app, Byvalue offers a dedicated website with your selected APIs, Data-Feeds and Integrations. Get the capabilities your team needs without the overhead of building it yourself.

Easy integration

Already have a case management system or a risk/fraud detection product? Easily integrate new capabilities -
just copy and paste the API call code snippet and you’re done.


Requesting and testing offered solutions are completely free. You will only pay for using subscribed services just like you would with any other integration or API service.

Easy and simple

Onboarding Process


Get what you need

Request for a
custom API solution


Choose from a
curated collection

Test & Evaluate


Easily test APIs from our platform before spending a dime

Use it your way


Integrate with
your existing tools


Get a dedicated website for your team’s tools

Pay Per Use


No quotas, No hidden fees

We at Byvalue help companies get custom integrations in order to get things done quickly, without effort or financial risk.

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